Franco-Chinese Culinary Institute

The president of the regional council of Normandy, Hervé Morin, and Christophe Doré, president of the Chamber of Crafts and Crafts of Seine-Maritime defended the principle of creation of a Franco-Chinese Culinary Institute in Shanghai, this Tuesday. A new project for Normandy.

Encourage sharing of know-how, foster international mobility, create a new model of development. So many objectives that could be fulfilled with the creation of a Franco-Chinese Culinary Institute.

Hervé Morin, president of the Normandy region, and Christophe Doré, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Seine-Maritime, presented this idea this Tuesday, October 31, 2017, in Shanghai, China. Their designated partner: the China Cuisine Association and its … 5 million cooks!

“Cooperation with China was born in 2014, under the leadership of Jean-Marc Ayrault, who wanted a high-level dialogue between the two countries. Since then, Normandy and China exchange some apprentices, but it is still marginal, says Christophe Doré. Our project goes far beyond creating the conditions of the exchange by working on the content and the container. ”

“Chinese gentlemen, shoot first”
Apprentices, but also chefs, why not starred, could meet in Normandy around French and Chinese gastronomy. “Chinese cuisine is very fine, very subtle,” says Christophe Doré, who also sees a way to “value Normandy.”

A “good idea”, according to two professionals of Norman food trades, Fabrice Chandelier and Jean-Marc Lechien. “What’s needed is the exchange of technology,” they explain.

Hervé Morin’s enthusiasm on the subject makes the craftsman’s representative optimistic. “We can invest together in an Institute that could find its place in a global whole,” invited the president of the regional council. The Region will not go alone: ​​”Gentlemen the Chinese, shoot first, we’ll be there. ”

The place is found: the training center of Le Havre, renovated with the help of the Region. The goal is to open the Institute in 2021. With what purpose? “We aim for quality, not quantity. »A whole menu

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