Restaurant Supplies

Equipment And Chemicals To Keep Your Home Spotless

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Have you ever walked into a store or restaurant and wondered how it was kept so cleaned and smelled so good? These businesses have access to commercial supplies and equipment that clean so much deeper and better than anything you will ever purchase in a regular store. And you can have access to these products too such as commercial ice machines.  Just visit your local restaurant supply store or go online and peruse their housekeeping selections. The advantages to purchasing from such a supplier include:

Items Are Available For Bulk Purchases

One of the best reasons to select and purchase what you need from a restaurant supply store is that you can buy what you need in bulk. All-purpose cleaners, detergents, glass cleaners, soaps, hand sanitizing solutions, and furniture polish can be selected and used for the entire year if necessary. You can also buy concentrated liquids that will store easily and give you gallons of cleaning capabilities. The quality and lasting impressions of the air fresheners are so much better than those purchased in a regular supermarket and will keep all areas of your residence smelling clean and fresh.

Specialized Cleaners Are In Stock

You may own cooking and presentation equipment that require special cleaners for optimal effect. These may include items made of brass, silver, copper, and stainless steel. The correct polishes and cleaning items will be readily available for your use, along with specific instructions for use and the types of surfaces they can be used on.

Equipment Will Last Longer

Restaurant supplies are meant for use in a high-volume place of business. Think of how much longer you will be able to use these items in your own home where traffic is light and cleaning is just a fraction of what it would be in a public building. Items such as brushes and sponges are made to handle much more rigorous usage. Mop buckets, mops, brooms, pails and spray bottles are good for multiple uses.

New Cleaning Techniques Will Be Introduced

Many items that are regularly used to clean in a restaurant atmosphere are rarely used in a home. Discover the secrets to fast and efficient cleaning that will leave your specific areas spotless. For example, one tool that is used often in the food service business is the squeegee. This handy piece of equipment can be used for windows, floors, and even shower stalls and will cut your cleaning and scrubbing time in half in many areas.

Trash Disposal Will Be A Snap

restaurant kitchenHeavy duty trash cans and bags will make your life so much easier. No longer will you have bags that split or break as soon as you decide to bring them outside. Trash cans with wheels can be purchased that can be easily transported to the curb. There is also a wide variety of trash bag sizes that will fit any type of can.

Toilet Supplies Can Be Stocked And Stored

If you find yourself constantly running to the grocery store for items such as toilet paper, hand soaps, hand towels, paper towels, and toilet bowl disinfectants and cleaners, it may be in your best interest to buy what you require from a commercial restaurant supply store. If you have the space to store these items, you will save so much time, money and energy in stocking up on these every few months.